Featured Designer Label: Dabra London

May 06, 2016|11:07 am

Featured Designer Label: Dabra London

British designer Patrick Dabra, launched the label Dabra London in 2002 with his collection ‘black cat’.

An urbanite himself, Patrick fuses his love for high fashion with urban life in his creations. This juxtaposition is often played out against a backdrop of architectural cutting versus fluidity, classic detailing versus the directional, and glamour against the grit in his collections.


Scoop Neck Lace Dress


Collar Pleat Dress


Funnel Neck Dress


Vava Dress

Classic looks with progressive detailing, statement dresses and power pieces in fluid fabrics are his label Dabra London’s high point. Their architectural cuts in directional fabrics, are meant to breathe new life into every wardrobe and keep fashion conscious women well ahead of trend followers.


Masquerade Dress


Aypeep Dress

#ShopAtMayfair for creations from this fashion forward label.



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