Featured Designer Label: De Siena

Aug 23, 2015|9:36 am

Featured Designer Label: De Siena

The De Siena label created in the year 2010, is run by its founder and a network of very talented production partners and designers. The label’s name is inspired by Siena, a beautiful Italian town and aims at bringing the spirit and soul of Tuscany to its patrons – passion for beautiful things, strong emotions and amazing landscapes.


Ophelie Decollete Gold

The label aims at being at the top of the mind of patrons as the sexiest yet most comfortable shoes. De Siena shoes are 100% made in Tuscany, Italy; using 100% made in Italy leathers and materials. Every single pair of shoes aims to be perfect in every detail.


Josephine Sandal Silver & Fluo Yellow

The shoes are produced in collaboration with one of the most renowned Italian shoemakers of the last 2 decades and are crafted by international designers with past experience working for companies such as Sergio Rossi, Rodolphe Menudier and Dior.


Venus Strap Sandal Black, White & Gold

Conceived for a sensual yet sophisticated look with a touch of romanticism, De Siena shoes are designed for women who wish to have their dreams come true and know the power of their feminity.

Browse through the collections of this authentic Italian shoe label here.



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