Featured Designer Label: Issara

Oct 31, 2015|9:59 am

Featured Designer Label: Issara

Issara is the brainchild of Rosh, an avid traveller and corporate escapee. During one of Rosh’s serendipitous foray into a small Javanese leather workshop, her back-of-napkin sketches were brought to life by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods. Thus began the Issara journey.


Marrying the unparalleled skill of master artisans with the finest materials, the label brings to the world exquisite, minimalist, highly functional pieces for travel and work that last the distance. The antithesis of fast fashion, this label eschews mass-production in favour of a curated, personalised collection that is crafted on demand.


Each Issara creation is designed in-house in Melbourne and hand drafted, cut, sewn and burnished in workshops by artisans with decades of experience. Modern, considered designs are combined with traditional know how to create effortless luxury.

With a focus on clean lines and high functionality, Issara products are never cluttered with garish logos – they let the premium materials and masterful craftsmanship speak for themselves.


With its sustainable operating model, Issara empowers local communities with a rich heritage in leather production and workmanship. Handpicked individuals with intimate knowledge of old-world leather working techniques, handcraft Issara’s premium leather goods.

Get your hands on the premium leather goods of this sustainable luxury brand, on AtMayfair.



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