Featured Designer Label: Lya Lya

May 10, 2015|11:33 am

Featured Designer Label: Lya Lya

Layla Shugri, a self taught designer of Russian-Lebanese decent launched LYA LYA in 2011.


LYA LYA is an award winning luxury accessory brand that combines bold looks with timeless style to offer elegant, edgy and exquisite pieces that represent the versatility of a woman’s personality allowing her to stand out and be confident and seductive all at once.




Taking inspiration from architecture, geometrical shapes, bold silhouettes and unusual structures, LYA LYA accessories are a tasteful blend of minimalistic silhouettes and bold details. Structure, bold metallic embellishments and raw edges coupled with contrasting colours are the key elements that define the label’s designs.


Apart from statement bags, the label also offers unique accessories ranging from belts that accentuate a woman’s figure to statement earrings, bangles and rings that are embellished with Swarovski elements. You can explore the exquisite collection of this eclectically designed label on AtMayfair.



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