Featured Designer Label: Parlor

Jun 03, 2016|7:05 pm

Featured Designer Label: Parlor

Parlor was founded in 2010 by Veronica Zaharia, with the conviction that no matter the trends and times, a woman must still be refined, feminine and elegant.


Featured Designer Label - Parlor_2

Deitrich Dress by Parlor

Featured Designer Label - Parlor_4

Storm Jacket by Parlor

Parlor has earned a reputation for blending classic outfits with modern elements, through the use of precious fabric and bold architectural cuts. It combines various textures to create designer wonders that pay homage to absolute femininity.


Featured Designer Label - Parlor_7

Amesiella by Parlor

Featured Designer Label - Parlor_1

Craving Dress by Parlor

Using fine precious fabrics like natural silk, lace and velvet; the label creates collections that are feminine with architectural influences and modern finishing. The details for all parlor collections are hand crafted using choice material like silk, leather, crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones.


Featured Designer Label - Parlor_8

Merge Dress by Parlor

Featured Designer Label - Parlor_3

Scarlet Skirt by Parlor

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