Featured Designer Label: Theorem

Jan 08, 2016|1:18 pm

Featured Designer Label: Theorem

Theorem is a contemporary men and women’s wear label, founded in 2013 by Nitin Chawla.


Railyard Printed Shirt

Grey Light Weight Leather button detailed Cape view 1 (1)

Grey Cape

‘Story telling and expression’ are the two tools of Theorem’s design philosophy, which give greater meaning and interest to their products beyond the pure utilitarian and adornment purpose.


Grey Leather Patch Pocket Dress


Hooded Brown Jacket & Blue Cargo Pants With Leather Button Detail

Theorem portrays that our subconscious mind, has the ability to let deeper thoughts lying in the mind’s fold resurface to the fore and contemplate about them in detail; their designs are an outcome of this self explained ‘Theorem’.

White black thin striped contrast back botton trousers with fabric belt View 1

Grey Trousers

Red Grey Checkered Rail Print Cape View 1

Checkered Rail Print Cape

The ensembles offered under this label are crafted keeping in mind modern sensibilities. Designed for today’s fashion patrons who have a unique personal style, this label focuses on essential practicality, meticulous attention to detail and sharp tailoring. Functional and modern in origin, the garments by Theorem aim to appeal to the men and women of now, who are moving forward and are confident.


Khakhi Military Detailed Jacket & Khakhi Military Detailed Trousers


Richard Print Shirt With Leather Detailed Pocket & Real Leather Trousers

The latest collection by Theorem – Richard’s Diary, comprises of stunning ensembles that focus on personal style and cuts along with practicality of the 21st century. Vintage details and work wear influences run throughout the collection. Tweeds, checks, leather details, brushed fabrics, digital printed fabrics, etc. are used to craft this contemporary collection.

Browse through the Richard’s Diary collection by Theorem, right here.



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