Five Minutes With FABRYAN’s Samantha-Jane Agbontaen

Jul 08, 2015|9:29 am

Five Minutes With FABRYAN’s Samantha-Jane Agbontaen

In our new blog series that we launched in October, we feature designers and visionaries from around the world. We spoke to Guava’s Ines Caleiro in the first chapter, today we speak with FABRYAN’s self-taught designer and founder, Samantha-Jane Agbontaen. In four short years, Samantha has catapulted the brand into a fashion house that has been showcased at all leading fashion weeks, from Berlin and London to NYC and Vienna.

From ethically sourcing fabrics to crafting original artwork on silk, FABRYAN is the creation of a woman who never switches off. It is a brand to watch and own!

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: Tell us a little about your brand FABRYAN.

A: FABRYAN is a luxury womenswear and accessories brand. Based in London, we design collections for the modern woman who wants to stand out; with clean lines, high-end tailoring, simple yet sophisticated pieces. Our collections consist of day to evening wear that displays luxury craftsmanship. Proudly made in London.


Q: What do you think about a platform like AtMayfair, which aims to bring luxury lifestyle at your fingertips?

A: I think it’s a very good idea. The platform helps designers such as myself to reach more people interested in luxury.

Q: What is the one item of accessory that takes you from AM to PM?

A: My FABRYAN scarf


Q: 5 things you never forget to carry in your bag

A: iPhone, wallet, business cards, keys and makeup brush.

Q: Favorite fashion bloggers

A: Too many to list

Q: Favorite mobile apps

A: There is an app called Relax. It helps me sleep. I also like the social media apps. You can use them on the go.


Q: How do you unplug from work?

A: I don’t. I find it hard to switch off. Work is my priority.

Q: Physical copy or eBooks?

A: eBooks

Q: Your design inspiration

A: Inspiration comes from everyday life, nature and travels. It’s triggered by the beautiful and bold.

Q: What advice would you give to people aspiring to work in the luxury fashion industry?

A: The fashion industry as a whole is highly competitive; so you must be prepared to work extremely hard. Research, learn from a work experience/internship. Take baby steps and do not loose focus.

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