7 Gifts To Please Your Lady Love This Valentine’s Day

Feb 12, 2016|12:29 pm

7 Gifts To Please Your Lady Love This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Well, quite literally now that everyone’s making Valentine’s Day plans and rushing around to buy presents, that’ll make their love interest weak in their knees.

In the last edition of our blog, we listed out some cupid approved gifts for men. This time around we are here to your rescue, to ensure you can please your lady love without breaking much sweat (and without breaking your bank!).

To make things easier, we have picked one product for each generic personality type. So here goes:

1. She’s a minimalistic fashionista – this gorgeous blue jumpsuit features a sheer cape and will suit her sensibilities to the tee!


Blue Boat Neck Jumpsuit With Sheer Cape And Applique Work

2. She’s a boardroom babe – a workplace staple, this chic laptop case will take her through formal meets as well as evening outings, with absolute grace.


Cataleya Black Laptop Case

3. She’s the life of every party – we know that LBDs are party classics but we also know that, she has a closet full of them! Why not give her a surprise with this lacy number and take her party vibe to a new high?


Golden Lace Dress

4. She’s the quintessential sophisticated woman – this couture hat will make for the most unique and apt gift for a woman, who carries herself with so much poise. 

filigree hat

Filigree Hat

5. She’s loves the sun, sand and surf – she’d love this outfit too! You can never go wrong with black and sheer, they always work their magic.



Cover Up Cape And Tube Kini Set Featuring Gold Sword Print

6. She’s the fun loving, outdoorsy girl – these sneakers will make her heart flutter with their iridescent hues.


Wave Sneakers

7. She’s edgy with an eclectic sense of style – this off-beat neckpiece will compliment her style perfectly and will add oodles of brownie points in your kitty!



Circular Shield Neckpiece

Bonus! Yes, we are aware we said we’d list out our top 7 but this one’s so good we just had to give it out. Even more so because this one is perfect for just about any woman. This ring can be customized with her own finger print or you could go all creative and get your finger impression engraved on it; this way she can always have a piece of you with her. Cute, isn’t it?


Insignia Ring



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