AtMayfair Wishes You A Fashionable New Year

Jan 01, 2015|3:42 pm

AtMayfair Wishes You A Fashionable New Year

AtMayfair had a great 2014. And for this, it has all its designers and users to thank. With all the support and fabulous collections from our designers, we were able to serve our users with the best of world fashion. And with all the trust, appreciation and acceptance from our users, we were able to fulfil our promise of delivering the best of couture wear.

As the New Year sets in, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our users and all the designers associated with AtMayfair and wish them a year filled with joy, grace and inspiration.

AtMayfair wishes you a blissful and fashionable New Year! Hope to serve you even better in 2015.



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