Fashion Slayers and Their Fashion Moments

Oct 07, 2016|10:00 am

Fashion Slayers and Their Fashion Moments

The fashion industry is constantly changing, introducing different trends that’ll pass sooner or later. Truth be told, keeping up with all the upcoming trends can get very tricky, which is why many fashionistas can’t manage to deal with them. However, there are several celebrities that really know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion – they slay, no matter what they wear.

Here are some of the best fashion moments of our true fashion princesses. Or shall we say – queens?

Queen B really stepped up her fashion game over the last few years, becoming one of the best dressed ladies in the world. Can we just have a moment to appreciate her strategically embellished sheer dress she wore at the Met Gala? Wow! Beyoncé has really raised the bar with this outfit, complemented with a neat high ponytail. Needless to mention, only this curvalicious diva could pulled off such a dress so magnificently!

We must not forget her TIDAL X: 10/20 Benefit Concert look – that stunning all-maroon flattering dress, matched up with a luxurious piece of fur in the same colour, indeed caught us off guard! Our dear B knows that she’s a fashion slayer, and she’s certainly not afraid to show her skills to the world!


This eccentric singer has changed her fashion taste a lot over the last decade, transforming from a regular Barbados girl into a true fashion diva known for her risky red-carpet combos. One of the most memorable RiRi’s appearances was definitely at Grammys 2015 – featuring the eye-catching big pink strapless gown designed by Giambattista Valli. Complemented with some silver sequins and minimal makeup, Rihanna really stole the show that night.

Another appearance worth mentioning is the one at Met Gala 2015 – she strutted down the red carpet looking fabulous in a huge bright yellow gown by Chinese couture designer Guo Pei. She literally took up the most room back then, while shining in the fur-trimmed handmade piece. The whole look was rounded off with a glamorous head piece and metallic strappy heels. This girl really means business when it comes to fashion!


Kim Kardashian
Last but not least – gorgeous Kim Kardashian! Even though there has always been controversy over her name, this girl has risen above all the rumours and emerged as a true fashion icon. She embraced her curves, without missing an opportunity to show them off in tightly fitted custom-made dresses.

One of her latest shine-bright-like-a-diamond appearances that stunned everyone around was exactly at the Cannes Film Festival – her stunning two-toned crystal gown was truly blinding, and let’s be honest – it may have caused temporary vision loss! Kim K is well-known for her hourglass figure, and she has always been candid about it – this lady loves figure-flattering high-quality body shapers, and isn’t afraid to show them to the world! She is a real slayer when it comes to such pieces, and one thing is certain about it – her hips definitely don’t lie! Besides, one of her many signature outfits featured an Atsuko Kudo pink latex dress we all remember. She nailed it looking like a real bombshell, and the truth is that she knows no other way!


These three ladies are recognized as the most beautiful, attractive, and successful women in the world, which is exactly why they made it to our list of top fashion slayers and their fabulous outfit moments. They certainly know that fashion is all about playing and thinking outside the box, which made them stand out from the crowd and be noticed wherever they show up. That is not easy, but it’s totally worth it!

By Sophia Smith


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