Fashion That’ll Take You From AM To PM

Apr 29, 2016|2:41 pm

Fashion That’ll Take You From AM To PM

It can be such a hassle to doll up for a night out after an entire day of work, right? We are sure you agree.

Being the fashionistas we are, we all love to dress up. But we all have our moments when we just want to have fun, without going through the entire routine of dressing up.

So we are putting together a few AM to PM pieces, that’ll take you from day to night and graciously so!

Dress Barcelona by JOLONTÉ VOUS!

Just a flip and this beauty will transform your look from formal chic to glam goddess!

Barcelona dress blue 1 Jolonte vous The place to dress2
Barcelona dress blue 1 Jolonte vous The place to dress1

Champagne Supernova Ring-Cum-Pendant by Abhika Jewels

This amazing accessory transforms from a ring to a pendant. Grace your neck with it during the day and put it on like a cocktail ring at night.


Bloombastic Bracelet-Cum-Pendant by Abhika Jewels

Another wonder from our collection, this piece can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet. Put it on as a pendant during the day and as a statement bracelet, when you head out for cocktails at nights.


Dress London by JOLONTÉ VOUS!

Look ultra formal in the day and ultra glam at the night with this sexy number.


Looking for more such day to night pieces? Just #ShopAtMayfair!



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