BFFs that create buzz everywhere they go!

Aug 02, 2015|7:29 am

BFFs that create buzz everywhere they go!

With the world celebrating friendship today, AtMayfair has found its own unique way to add to the celebrations. Fashion being an industry that is renowned for its scandals and scoops, it seems like the people in the industry only have animosity for each other but that’s far from being the truth!

Many beautiful friendships have blossomed in the industry and we have listed down a few that have created a buzz around them.

Starting off with, Victoria’s Secret Angels Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge who are self-proclaimed besties and do almost all their daily chores together: they work, exercise and even travel without being apart!


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But here is one relationship which broke all the norms! Donatella Versace, the queen of the Versace Empire took her BFF relationship with Givenchy honcho, Riccado Tisci to another level altogether! In a world where two fashion houses never market each other, she decided to feature for the new Givenchy campaign that was unveiled recently. Versace mentioned Tisci to be very talented and also her very dear friend which is why she featured in the campaign. Now that is what BFFs are meant for, right?


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How can one forget one of the most powerful pair of BFFs – Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce when mentioning fashion BFFs! They go on vacations together and even hang out backstage together when their husbands are performing concerts. According to close sources, Gwyneth was one of the first people to know about Beyonce’s pregnancy too.


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Speaking of long-time BFFs, Kate Moss walked for Stella McCartney’s debut fashion show in 1995 and has been close to the designer ever since. Kate has worked with Stella on numerous campaigns and has even worn her bridal creations.


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Last but not the least, Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs are two of the coolest people who are BFFs and can drive crazy audience attention when together. Sofia has worked with Marc on several occasions, notably on Sofia’s directed film, The Bling Ring, where the film’s complete wardrobe was designed by Marc himself!


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