Featured Designer Label: Anastasiia Ivanova

Aug 05, 2016|11:00 am

Featured Designer Label: Anastasiia Ivanova

The eponymous label Anastasiia Ivanova stands by the philosophy that a timeless dress embodies femininity within every woman. Her work is largely influenced by modern art and she has placed great importance on the use of colour. The main purpose of her collection is to make woman feel beautiful in each of her radiant dresses.


Classic Silhouette Dress


Firm and Subjective Black Dress

Her desire is to empower woman to feel free-spirited. Through creating sophisticated and tasteful dresses, Anastasiia Ivanova helps women discover the world of beauty, gentleness and harmony.


Cat's Eye Midi-Dress


Flossy Waves Maxi-Length Dress

The collection offered by this label is elegant, feminine and stylish. It comprises stunning range of full-length dresses, mini dresses, midi-length skirts and the brand’s typical new look silhouette.


Blue Melange Spring Coat


Chameleon Mood Corset Basque

To shop from this label’s resplendent creations, look no further than #AtMayfair!



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