Featured Designer Label – Sigi Perrée

Mar 11, 2016|1:42 pm

Featured Designer Label – Sigi Perrée

Launched in 2010, the label Sigi Perrée maintains a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and the use of high quality non-toxic materials. The signature style of this label’s head designer, Marieke den Mulder i.e. sophistication, femininity and love for exploration comes through beautifully in all Sigi Perrée collections.


Circle Skirt


Circle Skirt Stripe

The women’s collection of this designer label includes an enticing line of luxury wear, which can be defined as fresh, eclectic, romantic and daring, yet with a dreamy and feel-good sensation.


Pleated Skirt


Leather Look Pants

This label is always on the lookout for innovations to provide new style to each of its collection. It aims at making its collection easily accessible and appealing to the ‘desperate housewife’ as well as to the teenage rebel.


3D Printed Dress


Ballroom Skirt

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