Foot Therapy

Apr 02, 2016|9:10 am

Foot Therapy

We are obsessed with shoes! And like any other fashionista, we believe in keeping our heels and standards super high.

Our new shoe collection will give you a new high (like literally!) with absolutely eclectic pieces, which will make you ask for more. Indulge yourself in a sneak peak right here.

Starting off with every girl’s best foot mates – Good Ol’ Black Heels.

Good Ol' Black

_0017_Layer 4

Aline Ankle Lace Sandal

_0016_Layer 5

Bianca Fringe Pump

_0012_Layer 9

Ayla Velcro Strap Sandal

Animal Instinct

_0008_Layer 13

Tabitha Green Snake Print

_0011_Layer 10

Diva Python Ruffles Pumps

_0002_Layer 19

Marabou Gold Black

Edgy Is The Way Ahead

_0020_Layer 1

Woo-Woo Neon Black

_0019_Layer 2

Amazon Sandal

_90010_Layer 11

Fizz Black

Sheer Pleasure

_0003_Layer 18

Xena Steel Sandal

_0009_Layer 12


_0004_Layer 17

Principessa Mule

Dramatic & Desirable

_0000_Layer 21

Color Instinct Sky Blue

_0013_Layer 8

Ayla Fake Fur Strap Sandal

_0006_Layer 15

Deeva Red Bootie

Make A Point

_0015_Layer 6

Flore Ankle Lace Pump

_0001_Layer 20

Stardust Bronze

_0014_Layer 7

Inna Ankle Boot

Get Your Bling On!

_0005_Layer 16

Gloria Gold

_0018_Layer 3

Borough Gold & Black

_0007_Layer 14

Paris Dream Black

For more foot therapy and fashion updates, you can always rely on our blog and #ShopAtMayfair.



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