For Him, Is For Her!

Nov 06, 2015|1:54 pm

For Him, Is For Her!

Gender identities are witnessing a huge shift and well fashion, it is known to evolve with such shifts and at times be a key aspect in causing them too!

A gender-free era has began in fashion, where what you wear doesn’t define your gender and where norms of what is apt for a man or woman to wear are losing grip. Utilitarian, gender unbiased fashion is being appreciated and promoted heavily by fashion influencers as a reflection of the society’s push towards gender equality.

And AtMayfair is all in for this evolution! With some amazing unisex clothing and accessory designers onboard, we are loving this shift and the versatile fashion it has brought along. Be it Eemon Lin’s outerwear, Pourton De Moi’s eclectic scarves or Issara’s wallets; this trend has only left us asking for more.

Here are some of our favourite unisex picks!


2-Side-Zip Hoodie Padding Jacket by Eemon Lin


Tech-Fleece 1 Button Coat by Eemon Lin


Hand Knitted Patch Work Sweater by Pourton De Moi


Hand Knitted Rhombus Sweater by Pourton De Moi


Slim Bifold Wallet – Cognac by Issara


Slim Bifold Wallet - Navy by Issara


Frayed Jeans by Pourton De Moi


Jacquard Patchwork Top by Pourton De Moi



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