Featured Designer Label: Mr. Ajay Kumar

Dec 04, 2015|6:00 am

Featured Designer Label: Mr. Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar started his eponymous men’s wear label with a keen sense of brand identity and design aesthetics. His label ‘Mr. Ajay Kumar’ that offers apparels, accessories and footwear for men, comes out strong, bold, flamboyant, wrapped in intricate patterns and vibrant colours; encased in crisp, fitted and contemporary silhouettes.

Aimed at creating a niche in the men’s wear segment, it caters to the dynamic demands of sartorial bespoke styling.


Peak Lapel Tuxedo Jacket by Mr. Ajay Kumar


Bhagatri Jacket with Detachable Bib by Mr. Ajay Kumar

The label is an extension of the designer Ajay Kumar’s personal style statement, which amalgamates classic men’s wear tailoring with modern cuts and traditional motifs with modern print patterns, giving it a futuristic outlook.

Designed for the genre of social celebrities, shining personalities and achievers, the line is effortlessly stylish and red carpet worthy. It is positioned as a premium men’s wear label targeting the age group where ‘age is a statement to make’. As you move up the age bracket, the palette matures, yet the spirit of the collection is effervescent.


Shawl Collar Printed Jacket by Mr. Ajay Kumar


Draped Cowl Jacket by Mr. Ajay Kumar

Handcrafted with impeccable construction and prints that dictate individuality, this label has been tailored to suit individual needs and draws inspiration from history, culture, architecture, birds and beasts and avant garde designs.

With close attention to detail, each piece crafted under this label has a story to tell. Witness this futuristic men’s wear label, exclusively at AtMayfair!



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