Square Up

Jul 13, 2015|12:44 pm

Square Up

One absolutely essential men’s wear accessory that can instantly take any man from dreary to dapper is – a pocket square. Few simple folds and tucks and you can give your ensemble, an unmistakable finesse. Classy and distinctive, a pocket square is a sign of a refined gentleman who realises the importance of thoughtful accessorising.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr
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Image Source: Flickr

Tips on sporting a pocket square:

Be creative: Extremely versatile, pocket squares can be folded into numerous formations to suit your style, mood and ensemble. So get your creative hat on and try various formations.

Go for quality: One of the best things about pocket squares is that they are one of those eternal accessory trends that just don’t fade away! So opt for a quality fabric as it would be a perfect investment into having a well groomed look.

Unfollow the conventional: Don’t limit it to formals, include pocket squares in casual or semi-casual ensembles. For instance, you can tuck in a pocket square into an informal coat and team it with a shirt and a pair of denims for a fun casual look.

Experiment: Pocket squares are available in diverse fabrics and prints like paisley, polka dot, floral, chevron, abstract, etc. Try out various styles and experiment with your look, to make a distinct statement.


Mystic Purple Pocket Square by Leona Lengyel


Daydream Pocket Square by Leona Lengyel

Stash your wardrobe with some luxurious pocket squares and dress up like the suave gentleman you are! For a quick start, browse through our handpicked collection of luxury designer pocket squares here.



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