Our Team



A serial entrepreneur by nature, an innovator by mindset, Maulik has worked with a multitude of start-ups in a variety of sectors. Having started his career as a researcher at the University of Reading, he has since worked at leading companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Betfair and Visa. Alongside AtMayfair he is the founder of Innovify, through which he has helped several start-ups launch their products successfully. A seasoned traveller, he discovered the niche in the market for a global e-commerce platform. Inspired by the level of creative individuals he met on an international scale, he founded AtMayfair, showcasing the best designer products from across the planet.

Why AtMayfair?

“I have always been fascinated by the world of fashion. With AtMayfair I want to create a global platform that connects fashion lovers and lets them buy some of the most exclusive designs from the best designers in the world.”


BEATRICE NEWMAN – Head of Marketing

Beatrice is the core member of the marketing team and the creative guide for AtMayfair. A designer herself, with over 10+ years experience working in the fashion industry, she handles the growth of the AtMayfair brand, customer relations and sales. Beatrice has worked with renowned photographers, stylists and celebrities and has had her work published in the likes of Vogue Italia, L’official and Elle. Heading her own brand, she has experience in acquiring customers, marketing product(s) and growing sales.

Why AtMayfair?

“Because there’s nothing else like it. We’re not just a market place for designers. We are a market place for new emerging designers, offering the best unique fashion for your wardrobe ”


HIMANSHU VAJANI – Lead, Business Acquisitions and Designer Relations

Himanshu is the core member of the acquisitions team for AtMayfair. He handles designer acquisitions & associations, designer on boarding and other key relationships for AtMayfair. Helping AtMayfair spread its wings across geographies. He brings on board a rich experience of managing people and nurturing relationships.

Why AtMayfair?

“Because Haute Couture cannot get better anywhere else! AtMayfair amalgamates the best of fashion from world over and caters it to its users; it’s the melting pot of world fashion.”


INNOVIFY – Technology Partner

Innovify, AtMayfair’s technology partner is a start-up incubator and product management company. It offers focused business solutions, funding and infrastructure that converts million dollar ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and accelerates entrepreneurs to acquire investors. It has a collaborative work model based on Agile philosophy and has worked with well-known companies and start-ups, launching money-making ideas; be its websites, apps or software.