Our Team



A serial entrepreneur by nature, an innovator by mindset, Maulik has worked with a multitude of start-ups in a variety of sectors. Having started his career as a researcher at the University of Reading, he has since worked at leading companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Betfair and Visa. Alongside AtMayfair he is the founder of Innovify, through which he has helped several start-ups launch their products successfully. A seasoned traveller, he discovered the niche in the market for a global e-commerce platform. Inspired by the level of creative individuals he met on an international scale, he founded AtMayfair, showcasing the best designer products from across the planet.

Why AtMayfair?

“I have always been fascinated by the world of fashion. With AtMayfair I want to create a global platform that connects fashion lovers and lets them buy some of the most exclusive designs from the best designers in the world.”



Vikas has been spearheading multiple businesses ever since his graduation ensuring success for all of them. With a diversified industrial know-how in sectors like education, event management, textiles, real estate and the right mix of technical and commercial competence, he has all the qualities required in a successful business leader. Vikas heads the technical functions of AtMayfair and is the co-founder of Innovify. Driven by his passion for innovation, he likes to keep himself updated with upcoming technologies.

Why AtMayfair?

“AtMayfair is a unique blend of technology and fashion. Being a technology enthusiast and evangelist, it intrigued me how AtMayfair would enable designers across the globe to sell to a global audience with ease. At AtMayfair we try to provide the best in technology so that designers can focus on their creations without having to worry about technical intricacies.”



Owing to his entrepreneurial drive and thorough understanding of international markets and business practices, Ruchit heads several businesses. Apart from being the head of financial operations of AtMayfair since its inception, he is one of the co-founders of Innovify and the owner of Matangi Industries. He possesses strong networking, organizational and leadership skills along with an innate knack for finance.

Why AtMayfair?

“I loved the idea of a global portal that not only offers services worldwide but also sources its products from world over. The uniqueness of the entire concept and the people associated with it urged me to dive into AtMayfair head first.”


DHANANJAY GUPTA – E-commerce Solution Architect

With extensive experience and expertise in e-commerce technologies, Magento and Agile Project Management; Dhananjay takes care of AtMayfair’s technical architecture. He oversees problem-solving initiatives and guides the tech team about the design, user interface and technology integration functions. Monitoring and optimizing the site’s performance are the key functions under his purview.

Why AtMayfair?

“The challenging task of creating the architecture for a niche web portal, which is also a marketplace, was very appealing to me. Also, the idea of creating a virtual Mayfair got me aboard.”


HIMANSHU VAJANI – Lead, Business Acquisitions and Designer Relations

Himanshu is the core member of the acquisitions team for AtMayfair. He handles designer acquisitions & associations, designer on boarding and other key relationships for AtMayfair. Helping AtMayfair spread its wings across geographies. He brings on board a rich experience of managing people and nurturing relationships.

Why AtMayfair?

“Because Haute Couture cannot get better anywhere else! AtMayfair amalgamates the best of fashion from world over and caters it to its users; it’s the melting pot of world fashion.”



Manan with his versatile design experience at hand, heads the designing function for AtMayfair. He lays great emphasis on achieving user experience and user journey excellence, through a thorough understanding of the users’ psyche.

Why AtMayfair?

“An e-commerce portal provides ample space for designing a great user experience, especially one that has to do with luxury fashion. And what can be better than AtMayfair when it comes to luxury fashion? This opportunity could definitely not be given a miss!”


INNOVIFY – Technology Partner

Innovify, AtMayfair’s technology partner is a start-up incubator and product management company. It offers focused business solutions, funding and infrastructure that converts million dollar ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and accelerates entrepreneurs to acquire investors. It has a collaborative work model based on Agile philosophy and has worked with well-known companies and start-ups, launching money-making ideas; be its websites, apps or software.